Cutting-Edge Processes

The cultivation and processing techniques at Mesa Rising Hemp Farms utilize cutting-edge technologies to maximize CBD content and control indoor germination and outdoor growth. Here are a few examples of our state-of-the-art farming techniques:

  • Receive genetically superior, feminized seeds and clones designed by GeneticsCubed and produced by Red Dune Seed.
  • Transplant feminized seedlings and clones, as well as direct sow seeds, into our nutrient-rich soil using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Nurture plants using pivot systems that apply an even, calculated amount of water and fertigation backed by science and meticulous testing
  • Protect plants with an Integrated Pest Management system using organic biopesticides that keep harmful pests at bay and allowing beneficial
    insects to thrive
  • Geo-map each plant utilizing drones and artificial intelligence to proactively monitor growth and other metrics
  • Cultivate both horizontally and vertically to drastically reduce labor costs
  • Use at-scale harvest methods to maximize growth time resulting in a high percentage of CBD & CBG and a low percentage of THC plants
  • Dry up to 8 tons of wet biomass per hour to a process-ready 8% moisture using industrial-sized dryer