Our Mission

Mesa Rising Hemp Farms, LLC raises the standard for industrial hemp farming. We produce and process the highest quality industrial hemp following industry-leading standards and utilizing cutting edge science, technology, and mechanization. We carefully nurture our plants from seed to harvest to maximize CBD content and control indoor germination and outdoor growth to provide uniform, dependable biomass for processors, flower buyers, and our GRHH affiliates.

GeneticsCubed, LLC

GeneticsCubed designs, develops, and clones genetically superior hemp seeds, with characteristics that promote growth and maximize CBD content, so farmers get the maximum yield for their dollar.
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  • Improved genetics through selective breeding

Red Mesa Science & Refining, LLC

Produces and distributes high quality, FDA-grade cannabidiol (CBD) crude oil, isolate, and distillate. Our expert team utilizes industry-leading ethanol extraction, distillation, and isolation post-harvest processes to maximize quality, consistency, and efficiency from flower to finished product, ensuring the purest CBD content.
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  • Processing
  • Extraction & Isolation


Jody Scott

Farm Manager

Jody Scott is the Farm Manager at Mesa Rising Hemp Farms, with full responsibility for farming operations. His 30 years of experience is instrumental for the company’s success in scaling and mechanizing its hemp growth operations. Jody has extensive agricultural experience, including large-scale farming, research farming, and growing high-value, organic, and conventional crops.

Scott’s farm management experience includes irrigation expertise, pasture management, and human resource management. He is well versed in agronomy and soils management, fertilization, seed processing, and transport and distribution of plant products. Throughout his career, Scott has developed and implemented innovative farming methods focused on improving crop production and farm brand enhancement.